Children who show an exceptional talent for dance and performance are selected by senior members of staff to join the Festival Team. This team is required to participate in an intensive training session every week that results in the students competing at least 3 times per year. This class educates the children on the importance of being a competitior, and the challenges that arise from being under that type of pressure, it is an essential set of skills to learn for adult life.

Students in this class are required to have at least one private lesson per week and will learn solos, duets, trios and groups for competition. Commitment to this group is essential and poor attendance is not tolerated, the speed of the class and the work being taught can not be missed on a regular basis as this will affect the student’s ability and confidence in competitions. You will be approached by a member of staff if your child has been selected for a trial to be in the class.

It is through this class that many of our most talented dancers are selected for further education by full time dance education establishments such as Elmhurst School for Ballet, Laine Theatre Arts and Northern Ballet School.