Graduated with a distinction from Laine Theatre Arts in July 2012. I taught at Zoe Dawson’s South London Dance Studios throughout my training and loved it! During college, I was dancing professionally for Elegant Entertainment at various corporate gigs. I also danced for Kerry Ellis at the Royal Albert Hall. It was an incredible experience – never felt anything like it. I was also part of a flash mob at the Olympics.

In August 2012, I began rehearsals as Acting Ensemble & 1st Cover Catwoman in the North American leg of Batman Live World Arena Tour. After an amazing adventure in America I returned to Musical Theatre auditions & wanted to gather as much TV & film experience as possible. I featured in commercials for Nestle’s Aero & The Co Op along with various short films including There is a Light, 6 Seconds to Die & Drift.

I accepted the role of Prince Charming in Cinderella last Christmas at the Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage which was lots of fun. I continued corporate events for Elegant Entertainment & for Private Drama. A performance at Sotheby’s Art Auction House in London for the world’s most indulgent 90th birthday was a particular fave!! Then I was delighted to be offered the role of Constance Sack in the UK tour of Rock of Ages. Some stability was most welcome. Along with all the random fun jobs I was also doing bar work, promotional work, anything random & freelance & had auditioned for loads of shows! And it’s far more than just stability, I am absolutely loving it. The people are great, the shows amazingly fun to perform & it’s brilliant to visit different places every week.

It is for that reason however that I can’t be joining everyone at the reunion. Genuinely really sad to be missing out. I could join at around 11.30 after our Saturday show though…I’m being serious ha could that work at all? I am eternally grateful to everyone affiliated with Walsall Academy for helping me find something I enjoy so much, all the encouragement, words of wisdom & inspiration from teachers, students, parents, everyone!  The crazy opportunities & experiences I’ve had so far wouldn’t have ever been possible without all the great times at WAD! Thank you!

Theatre Credits Include:
Television Credits Include:
Commericals for Aero and The Co Op
Film Credits Include:
Short films including There is a Light, 6 seconds to Die and Drift

Other Credits Include:
Corporate events for Private Drama & Elegant Entertainment, “A Night of A Thousand Voices” Royal Albert Hall, Solo Dancer with WILL.I.AM hologram for Musion