I joined Walsall Academy of Dance from a young age and loved taking part in dance lessons and festivals. I began assisting in the toddler class on a Tuesday at the age of 14 and I loved it so much that at the age of 16 I began training as a dance teacher.

With the help and support of Christa, other teachers and fellow training teachers I learnt all about the qualities of a good teacher and what is needed to teach a good dance lesson. Once I had qualified I started teaching classes on a Tuesday evening and really enjoyed the experience. I loved being a teacher and seeing the children’s enjoyment for dancing and watching them progress from when they first started to when they were ready to move up to the next class.

When I was 18, I had to leave my job at Walsall Academy of Dance because I moved to Hull to attend University. I tried to continue working as a dance teacher in Hull but it was difficult to find a decent dance school that was looking for teachers. I managed to get a part-time job working for a company that delivers dance and PE lessons to primary schools in the local area. This involved teaching varied styles of dance, which I had learnt from attending dance lessons and I only got the job through my qualifications as a dance teacher that I had gained at WAD.

After completing my Psychology degree I decided to go down the teaching route and applied for the PGCE in Hull. My experiences of being a qualified dance teacher significantly helped me get onto the course and so I have Walsall Academy of Dance to thank for that! I still remember lots of the things that I learnt through my dance teacher training at WAD and have used them regularly whilst on my PGCE school placements. For example, along with many other things, the burger model; layering any areas for improvement (the burger) with praise (the bread), that always seems to stick in my head.

I am now a qualified teacher, ready to start teaching my new Year 1 class in September in Hull. Being a member of WAD helped me to develop an interest in teaching and I wouldn’t be where I am today without the great help, dedicated teachers and excellent dance teacher training that I received. Thank you for everything and I am so happy to have such great experiences and memories from being a part of this amazing dance school.